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​The Identity Information Sharing System (abbreviated KPS in Turkish) went into operation in 2005 as an extension of MERNIS. Public institutions and agencies can access ID information stored in MERNIS database via the KPS under strictly specified conditions in the respective access protocols. KPS works over a Virtual Private Network and every user is assigned with a user name and password. The system keeps logs of every user and the conducted enquiries. 
KPS offers the following enquiry services: 

Web Sites 
• Enquiry of personal information using the TR Identity Number 
• Enquiry of TR Identity Number using personal information 
• Enquiry of identity information based on information of the place of registration 
• Enquiry of copy of civil status records using various criteria. 

Web services (XML Infrastructure) 
Users of the system are able to conduct inquiries by accessing KPS web services using add-ons to their existing applications or by developing new applications. They are also able to view the enquired data directly from their own applications and automatically update their own databases with the enquired information. 
In order for the agencies to benefit from KPS, an agreement must first be concluded with the General Directorate of Civil Registration and Nationality.